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Conduct and Discipline

  • Candidates should be at the examination venue at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination. Candidates will not be permitted to enter the examination hall after the expiry of 15 minutes from the commencement of the examination.

  • Candidates should ensure that they sign the Attendance Sheet.

  • Candidates should not possess and / or use books, notes, periodicals, etc. in the examination hall at the time of the examination / or use mathematical tables, slide rules, stencils etc. during the examination. They should hand them over to the Hall Superintendent before the commencement of the examination.

  • Candidates appearing for the examination of the Institute are permitted the use of calculator subject to the following. Calculators must:-

    • be of pocket size and fully portable.

    • be silent while in operation.

    • be battery operated.

    • not be capable of being programmed by insertion of tapes or otherwise.

    • not have print out facilities.

    • be of the type upto 6 functions and 12 digits.

    • not be capable of retaining/storing data in memory when the calculator is switched off.

  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the examination hall and they can not be used as calculators

  • Communication of any sort between candidates or with outsiders is not permitted and complete silence should be maintained during the examination.

  • Copying answer/s from other candidate/s or permitting other/s to copy will attract rules relating to unfair practices in the examination.

  • No candidates shall impersonate others or allow others to impersonate self at the examination.

  • No candidate shall misbehave/argue with the Examination conducting authorities at the centre.

If any candidate violates any of the above rules, it will be considered to be an act of misconduct and he / she will be liable for punishment mentioned herein under.


Penalties for Misconduct/Unfair Practices

The Institute shall have the right to impose penalties on any candidate for committing an act of misconduct / unfair practice in respect of any matter affecting the Institute or at or in respect of any examination conducted by the Institute or disqualifying any candidate who, they have reason to believe, has received or given unfair assistance at the examination and

  • To cancel the result of such candidate of the examination at which he / she may have appeared.

  • To exclude him/her from future examinations either permanently or for a specified number of examinations.

  • To inform the existing or the prospective employer about the nature of the offence committed.

  • To take such other action against him / her as the Institute shall in their sole discretion deem fit and the decision of the Institute shall be final and binding on the candidates concerned.

The Institute shall also have a right to cancel the result of any subsequent examination at which the candidate may have appeared if such examination falls within the exclusion period in the penalty, as by reason of imposition of such a penalty of exclusion from the future examinations, the candidates would not have been eligible to appear at such subsequent examinations.


Collaboration With Manipal Universal Learning Private Limited (MUL):

For the conduct of Diploma in Banking & Finance Examination, IIBF has entered into an MoU with MUL under which the MUL will -

  • Participate in marketing activities for the Diploma in Banking & Finance programme

  • Accept and process the Registration for the course and Application for the examination

  • Print and despatch of Courseware, program material & syllabus to Students

  • Schedule the Examinations and issue Hall Tickets, etc.

  • Deliver and conduct on-line and off-line examinations

  • Do computerized evaluation of marks and provide the same to IIBF for result processing

  • Provide education support for the program at additional/extra fee

  • Attend to candidates' queries with respect to the above services.


Legal Proceedings:

In case of any legal dispute in relation to the examination, the proceedings shall be instituted in the courts at places where the Institute's officers are located, viz., Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi or Mumbai.


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