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Target Group :

Employees, Students, Executives, Customers, Policy makers, General Audience, Senior Decision makers, etc.

Broad Vision:

To spread awareness about Banking & Finance knowledge for better decision making at all levels.

Genesis of FQ:

Today is the era of IQ, EQ, KQ and SQ. There is a felt need to have “Finance Quotient (FQ)” also as this subject encompasses many areas which touch the day-to-day life of people in a society. Hence, many may be keen to know their level of knowledge/competency in the field of banking, which in our case includes finance also.

“Finance Quotient” is the first step in that direction. We believe that the analysis provided by the FQ will be used for comparative self-analysis, self-development and will create a culture of self-awareness from customers to Officers to Senior Level decision makers.

Various levels :

Finance Quotient planned enables one to test his/her own level of understanding about the Banking and Finance subjects.

There will be different levels of Quotients developed, from time to time.

FQ Open for All

To start with, 'FQ' level No.1 & 2 (Banking/Finance) is offered for the benefit of all.


It may be noted that the 'FQ' is only to test your knowledge/competency and not to be treated as a Certification.

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