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Mock Test Guidelines

We are happy to announce that Institute is organizing the Mock Tests for JAIIB/DB&F/CAIIB candidates from 1st October – 2011 with the help of the technical partner M/s Sify Software Ltd.

Coverage of Topics:

The mock test  will  cover  the 3 subjects of JAIIB/DB&F i.e., “Principles and Practices of Banking”, “Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking”  and “Accounting and Finance for Bankers”. The test is also available for the two compulsory subjects of CAIIB i.e., “Bank Financial Management” and “Advance Bank Management”.

The mock test will  have  sixty MCQ questions of one mark each, with four alternative answers. The duration of the test  will  be sixty  minutes and there will be no negative marking.

The fee for the mock test will be Rs.100 per subject which will entitle the candidate to attempt the test twice for all the courses(JAIIB/DB&F/CAIIB).

PC Configuration:

The minimum technical configuration required for the test will be, a PC with the following items:-


P4 (minimum 2.8 GHz)

Operating system

Microsoft Windows XP


512 MB recommended


Supporting required resolution


800 x 600 or 1024 X 768

Colour Resolution

32 bit high colour


Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x or 7.x


Flash 9.0.115 plug-in for Internet Explorer or higher

Internet Bandwidth

256 kbps minimum, LAN or T1 recommended


Keyboard and External mouse

Although the above configuration is an ideal one, the test will  run with  less or higher configuration.

Process  Flow for  Mock Test:

Candidate to visit  the Institute’s web site http://www.iibf.org.in  and registers for a mock test for any subject of JAIIB/DBF/CAIIB courses for which he/she is interested in. Institute will  create a  separate hyperlink  which will direct the candidates for the mock test registration. In case, a candidate is interested in multiple or all the subjects of a course, he/she can select all of them for registration.


The payment for the mock test should be made online, by using a credit card /debit card.  The fee for the mock test will be Rs.100 per subject which will entitle the candidate to attempt the test twice for all the courses(JAIIB/DB&F/CAIIB). After authorization of the payment made by a candidate, an   user-id and a password for the test will be generated and the same will be sent to the candidates  by an e-mail /SMS by the technical partner.


The  user-id and password will be  valid for 3months or 2 attempts of the mock test for each subject registered.

Test Accessibility:

After receiving the login id and the password for the mock test, the candidates can login the test from Institutes website http://www.iibf.org.in  The candidates can  take the test  in any order of the subject. The test will be available 24X7 and can be accessible  from any reliable internet connection(i.e., from cyber café, training centers, homes etcetera). Before attempting the test, the candidates should read the instructions given for the mock test. For navigating “Next” or “Previous” questions, the candidates should click the respective buttons. The “Final Submit” button should be used at the end of test when the candidate wish to sumit the paper for the result.  After completion of the test, the system will  generate a result sheet. The candidate either can take the printout  of the score sheet or save the same at the end of the test.

Candidates are requested to carefully go through the disclaimer/stipulations of the mock test.  


For any academic queries the candidates can send mails at grrao@iibf.org.in.  For  technical queries during registration and  the test, candidates should contact  M/s Sify Software Technologies on  the UAN (Universal Access Number) 1860345 0112 and Press Option 2.

Availability of the Mock Test:

The Mock Test will be made available with effect from 1st October – 2011 to 12th November – 2011.


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