About Mumbai

Mumbai was named an alpha world city. It is also the wealthiest city in India, and has the highest GDP of any city in South, West or Central Asia.

The Asia Pacific Association of Banking Institutes (APABI) was established in 1986 by 11 banking institutes (founding members). This is a semi-formal association. Currently 17 banking institutes in Asia and Asia Pacific Region are members of the association. APABI plays an important role in bringing together specialist training institutes that share a common goal to equip banks and financial institutions with the capacity to deal with the transformational developments that are shaping the financial sector by supporting the continued renewal of its most valuable asset, human capital. APABI Executive Committee meets once in two years. APABI has no membership fee or corpus. As such the members take responsibility for organizing meetings and conferences under APABI on a rotation basis.

Institute of Bankers Malaysia (IBBM) hosted the APABI in the years 2012 and 13. Along with the APABI meeting it also organized two annual conferences at Kuala Lumpur in 2012 and 2013. Many of the APABI member institutes attended the conference. These conferences have been found useful for the APABI members as also the host institution. IIBF will be host country for APABI for the years 2014 and 2015. IIBF will organize the APABI conferences and meetings in these two years.

Previous host Institutes/countries of APABI Biennial Meeting/ Conference are :

1986    Singapore
1988    Hongkong
1990    New Zealand
1992    Malaysia
1994    Indonesia
1996    Australia
1998    Thailand
2000    Philippines
2002    India
2004    Taiwan
2006    Korea
2008    Mongolia
2010    Papua New Guinea
2012    Malaysia
2013    Malaysia

Currently, the APABI has the following 17 Banking Institutes as its members.

1. The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers
2. The Institute of Bankers Malaysia (IBBM), Malaysia
3. Indonesian Banking Development Institute (LPPI), Indonesia
4. Korea Banking Institute, Korea
5. Banking and Finance Academy, Mongolia
6. National Banking Training Institute, Nepal
7. The Institute of Bankers Pakistan, Pakistan
8. PNG Institute of Banking and Business Management Inc., Papua New Guinea
9. Bankers Institute of The Philipines, Philipines
10. The Institute of Banking & Finance, Singapore
11. Institute of Bankers Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
12. Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, Taiwan
13. The Thai Institute of Banking and Finance Association, Thailand
14. The Bank Training & Consultancy, Vietnam
15. Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, India
16. Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, Bangladesh (formally to be inducted in this meeting)
17. Financial Institutions Training Institute (FITI), Bhutan (formally to be inducted in this meeting)