About Mumbai

Mumbai was named an alpha world city. It is also the wealthiest city in India, and has the highest GDP of any city in South, West or Central Asia.

The main theme for the Asia-Pacific Association of Banking Institutes’ (APABI) International Conference-2014 is “Talent Management in Banks”. In today’s globalised, competitive and customer oriented Banking business where all banks have similar technology and bank products tend to be similar, it is certain that Human Resources alone will be the differentiator of one bank from another. Efficient and personalized service will be the key to success. In view of this banks will have to spend ‘quality time’ in talent management. Banks must proactively engage with employees. Banks HR policy should be multifaceted and relevant to fulfill the aspirations of all generations in its work place.

In this background the conference will provide an opportunity to learn from experts, to learn and share experiences and get an update on the recent developments and challenges in the Talent Management sphere more particularly in the globalised banking sector. The Conference will highlight experiences and perspectives of both Public and Private Sector Banks in India a few banks from Asia Pacific region on the critical issue of talent management. The conference is designed to raise awareness among diverse bankers from multi-disciplinary interests of the need for greater dialogue, exchange and co-operation to strengthen the future shape of banking education with the focus on talent management in banks.

It is expected that the Conference will be attended by banking and finance executives in India and international delegates from different member countries of APABI and delegates from Banking Institutes in countries such as Egypt, Bahrain, Zambia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and Dubai are also expected to attend the Conference.

As a part of the conference the Institute will hold its very prestigious annual Sir Purushotamdas Thakurdas Memorial Lecture. The 31st edition of the lecture focusing on a topic on HR in Banks will be organized as a part of the conference.