Certified Treasury Professionals Course

The Institute has offered the Certified Treasury Professionals (CTD) course from the November/ December 2014 examination. The first examination on the subject will be held on 15th February 2015.

Candidates will be required to refer to the following while preparing for the examination.



Reference Books and Units/Chapters


Financial Market and Role of Treasury

Units 1, 2 and 3 of Treasury Management of IIBF@.


Money Market Operations

Units 4, 5 and 6 of Treasury Management of IIBF.


Investment and Fixed Income Securities

(i) Units 7,8,9,14,15,16,22,23,24,25 and 26 of Treasury Management of IIBF.
(ii) Chapter 1 of Fixed Income Securities by FABOZZI.*
(iii) Chapter 2 of FABOZZI.
(iv) Chapter 7 of FABOZZI.
Chapter 8 of FABOZZI.
(vi) Chapter 16 of FABOZZI.


Forex Dealings

Units 10,17,18,19 and 21 of Treasury Management of IIBF.



(i) Units 11, 12 and 13 of Treasury Management of IIBF.
(ii)Chapters 59,61, 62,64,65 and 66 of FABOZZI.


Model Code and Dealing Ethics

Unit 20 and Appendix A,B,C and D of Treasury Management of IIBF.


Time Value of Money and Interest Rate Calculations

Chapter 6 of FABOZZI.

* The Hand Book of Fixed Income Securities by Frank J. Fabozzi and Steven V. Mann (Eighth Edition, McGraw Hill Education (India) Edition 2013).
@ Treasury Management, IIBF, MACMILLAN INDIA LTD

The units/chapters indicated in the table will be the compulsory reading material for the examination. Besides the above, candidates may also refer to other additional readings as indicated in the website of the Institute under the rules and syllabus of the course (websites of RBI, FIMMDA, FEDAI, BIS etc)