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Attention! Notice for Candidates of Certified Banking Compliance Professional Course regarding change in Training methodology (Level 2)

Considering constraints in mobility of the persons, especially due to COVID-19, it has been decided by the Institute to amend the rules as under: -

(A) Virtual Class Room Learning Methodology:

The new methodology, inter-alia, will consist of Virtual Classroom Learning for 3 days.

(B) Evaluation Process of Virtual Class Room Training and Criteria for Evaluation:

Candidates who have successfully passed the online examination have to undergo Virtual Class Room Training. For this purpose, the candidate, on passing the examination should log on to IIBF website - and select his/her convenient slot for virtual classroom training (3 days) from the pre-determined dates. During the virtual classroom training, candidates will be assessed (Internal assessment) for training performance for a total of 50 marks. Marks for training will be awarded to candidates by faculty for their training participation and performance in test based on MCQs.

Evaluation Process:

Sr No.



Total marks (Max)

Min marks to be obtained








Total 10 sessions (spread in three days). Attending minimum 5 sessions will be compulsory. This will correspond to 25 marks out of 50 (50%). On 1st day and 2nd day 4 sessions each and on 3rd day two sessions  (4+4+2) 







The MCQ test will be at the end of the course. There will be a total 50 MCQs (1 mark each). Total 50 marks. A candidate has to obtain a minimum of 25 marks out of 50 (50%)







The overall aggregate (attendance + marks in MCQs) to be obtained by a candidate will therefore be 50 (50%). However, if a candidate gets overall 50% with 30 marks in attendance (60%) and 40 % (i.e. 20 marks) in MCQs he/she will also be considered as passed. But, vice versa is not permitted. In other words, a candidate should get minimum 20 marks in MCQs.

 (C) Maximum two attempts will be permitted for Virtual Class Room Learning and fee is as under:

Virtual Class Room Training

First Attempt

Rs. 4,500/- (Rs Four thousand five hundred only) + Taxes GST + Convenience charges, as applicable


Second attempt

Rs.2,000/-  (Rs Two thousand only) + Taxes + Convenience charges, as applicable

Training Notification for Banking Compliance Training in Virtual Mode to be posted shortly under Important Announcements/Notice