Members / Candidates grievance resolution system



Q1.I did not receive the enrollment mail from OR my password link is not sent by IIBF. What should I do?
A. First check if the mail has gone into your Spam Mails folder. If so, move it to your Inbox and use it. If it is not there even in your Spam Mails, then write to giving details like your membership no, email ID (email ID registered for VC), etc.

Q2. Is there any possibility to get the new mail to set the password?
A. Password can be re-set after enrolling for the course. Use ‘Forgot Password’ option to set new password. Email will be sent to your registered email ID.

Q3. Which Internet Browser should I use?
A. Please use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browsers only. Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera & Safari are not supported.

Q4. Can I use / connect my mobile with 4G network (hotspot) to laptop for this session?
A. The VCRT should be viewed using PC / laptop only. Do not use mobile phones or tablets for the VCRT. Preferably use Broadband connectivity. However, if you are using 4G hotspot, ensure place with good signal & bandwidth, sufficient data available, ensure that all other device connect to hotspot are disconnected and alternate connectivity (another 4G SIM or Mobile)

Q5. How much data consumption can I expect for attending a session?
A. It is a continuous video streaming system and you can expect 1 to 2 GB usage for each day. In case you have less data available, keep another hotspot or additional pack ready.

Q6. Can I attend the VCRT through mobile app? 

A. You can but we do not recommend your using a mobile because neither will Recordings be available for viewing nor will Tests be available on the mobile.

Q7. Do I have to change my password each time I log in OR do I have to change my password each day?
A. Password has to be created only once, which is to be used for all three days. In case of any issue, please check your Keyboard, Caps, NumLock keys etc.

Q8. Audio / Video is not clear OR My audio / video is gone OR My system is hanging.
A. Refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. If that does not help, then log off and log in again. If that does not help also, then log off, shut down your device and log in again. Ensure good internet connection is available.

Q9. I used PC for the first few sessions. Can I now use some other device like laptop or another PC?
A. Yes, you can. However, do not use mobile as a device to log in.

Q10. Chat is not working OR my chat window is frozen.
A. Refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. Ensure good internet connection is available

Q11. Presenter’s voice is cracking.
A. Refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. Ensure good internet connection is available

Q12. Chat is very slow.
A. Refresh your screen by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. Ensure good internet connection is available

Q13. I’m having lot of problems but others are saying that all is fine.
A. That means that something is wrong at your end, either with your device or with your internet connectivity.

Q14 When should I log in for the class?
A. It’s better to log in about 10 minutes prior to the class start time for the first class and 5 minutes before the other classes.

Q15. Where is the icon for live streaming?
A. It is in the LAUNCH CLASS button

Q16. Can you please confirm if am connected to the class?
A. If you are connected, you will be seeing and hearing the proceedings. Otherwise, you will not. Your attendance is automatically captured by the VCRT system.

Q17. How do I know that I have attended the session OR how do I know that my attendance has been marked for the session?
A. Attendance is captured by the system based on your login and launching of the respective live class. Absence of Green tick or presence of lock symbol against the class name (after the schedule time of the class) indicates that you have not attended the class.

Q18. I have got disconnected during the class. What should I do?
A. Close the window and log in again into

Q19. How can I check my attendance?
A. Attendance is captured by system based on your login and launching of the respective live class. After completion of the class, attendance is shown in percentage for the whole course and not for any individual class. The percentage is shown on the Course Page.

Q20. My name is not shown in people’s list on the screen
A. Since you are one of the attendees, you cannot see yourself in your device. However, other can see you in their people’s lists.

Q21. Can I complete viewing today's missing classes in the evening?
A. Yes, you can.

Q22. Can we download the classes?
A. Classes can only be viewed from their Recordings. They cannot be downloaded.

Q23. I have missed one class during the day. I am available for the next class. How do I proceed to the next class?
A. Click the class that you missed so that a Green Tick is displayed against it. Now, by clicking the next class, you can enter the class and view it. However, please note that although your earlier class was ticked you have not viewed it. Hence you have only been permitted to view the next classes. You must view the earlier class later during the day / night and view the recording or else you will be marked Absent for the said class.

Q24. I have not received any mail regarding completion of class/ session
A. No such mail will be sent to you. If you have attended a class, there will be green tick against, other than a situation detailed in Q 20 above.

Q25. How to view recording?
A. Each class recording is available sometime after the class gets over. It can be accessed the way you had launched class. Launch class option is replaced by View Recording

Q26. I have attended all classes today but the screen says 45% complete. Why?
A. The pie graph denotes what percentage of the three days course you have completed. Hence the aforesaid example means you have completed 45% of the entire course. After you attend all the 10 classes (over three days), the graph should show 100% complete.

Q27. Till when can we view today's videos (recordings)?
A. You can view the Recordings till the last day of the Course.

Q28. Where is evaluation criteria for Virtual Classes available?
A. From IIBF’s website at the following link:

Q29. Can you arrange for mock test after virtual training today?
A. No, such facility is not available.

Q30. Will there be a test each day or at the end of the three days’ course?
A. This information can be obtained from the VCRT timetable, that has been circulated, and also available from the Course Objectives documents (which is the first event of the VCRT).

Q31. I completed and submitted my Test and got 40/50 marks. Does that mean that I have passed the Training evaluation?
A. No, the marks denote what you obtained for the MCQ. The Training evaluation is a composite of Test marks and Attendance marks, as per Evaluation criteria for Virtual Learning, for link is given in a previous FAQ.