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10th Bank H R Conference (2009-10) 15th - 18th February 2010 at Mauritius

Dates: 15th - 18th February, 2010
Venue: Hotel Ambre, Mauritius

About the Conference:

The H R Conference of IIBF is organised to reach out to the HR personnel of various banks, to seek their inputs on the contemporary developments in the banking sector in the span of a year. The objective is to provide a platform for all HR personnel of banks to interact with each other as well as experts in the banking sector in order to provide a road map for the next one year based on learning gained from the previous year. The themes chosen are topical and of current interest to banks, especially the HR functionaries. The previous Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during 29 February -2 March 2008 and the theme for the conference was Building Human Capital for Meeting Emerging Challenges.The Conference was attended by more than 40 participants from various banks.

Current years conference:

The experience of Indian banks in meeting the challenges of liberalisation and globalisation has been praiseworthy. Indian banks have faced the global crisis in a very effective manner. However it is seen that the Impact of the global economic meltdown has started impinging on the local economy also. It appears that the emerging shape of banks and challenges could be of a totally new dimension. Banks will have to shore up their efforts to tackle the emerging challenges with vigour for which HR practices will be the cornerstone. A related and significant issue is succession planning more so in the light of massive retirement of senior personnel during 2010-2014 which will result in loss of experienced hands with banks. It is in this background that talent management assumes greater significance.

In this milieu it is now proposed to hold the seminar for the year 2009-10.

Theme of the Conference:

The theme of this year's conference will be "Talent Management and HR Practices for contemporary banking".

There is no conference fee. The cost per delegate will be Rs.65,000/-(ex-Mumbai) which will cover travel to Mauritius from Mumbai and back, boarding and lodging (star hotel ) local transport, sight seeing etc all inclusive.

The Delegates will discuss, among other aspects, the following:
  • What are the specific steps currently underway on talent Management in banks?
  • Is there a need to introduce 360 Degree appraisal in banks? Are the banks/personnel ready for it?
  • What are the current/emerging issues in meeting the man power requirement of banks?
  • How is the HR preparing towards emulating global best practices in Indian banks?
Programme Schedule:

Day One - 15.02.2010

2.00 P.M. - 3.00 P.M.

Inaugural Session -I

Welcome & Introduction of theme of the conference Shri R. Bhaskaran, CEO, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai.

Keynote address:
Mr. M.V. Nair,*
Chairman & Managing Director, Union Bank of India & Vice-President of Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai.

Special address by Mrs.Aisha Timol, Chief Executive, Mauritius Bankers’ Association

3.00P.M. - 3.30P.M. Tea

3.30P.M. - 6.00 P.M.

Session II

Talent Management in banks

Presentations by IIBF and discussion by a panel of HR Chiefs

Mr.M. Balachandran, Director, IBPS and former Chairman Bank of India

Ms.Vishwanee Lingachetti, Head of Human Resources, SBM

Prof. Y.K. Bhushan, Governing Council Member, IIBF, Mumbai

Day Two - 16.02.2010

9.30A.M. - 11.30A.M.


Accenture: Case study and Survey
11.30A.M. - 11.45 A.M. Tea

11.45A.M. - 1.00 P.M.

Session IV

Training Need Analysis for Banks to meet emerging challenges Group activity/Discussion

1.00P.M. - 2.00P.M. Lunch

2.00P.M. - 3.30P.M.

Session V

360 Degree appraisal

Shri R. Bhaskaran, CEO, Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai: Case study presentation

3.45P.M. - 4.30P.M.

Role of IIBF in talent management in banks

Shri R. Bhaskaran, CEO, IIBF

4.30P.M.- 6.00P.M.

Session VI

HR Practices for Emerging Needs- Presentation by HR Chiefs & Panel discussion

Prof. Y.K. Bhushan, Council Member, IIBF,Mumbai

Mr. Gautam Vir, CEO, State Bank of Mauritius

Mr. M. Balachandran, Director, IBPS and former Chairman, Bank of India

Shri R. Bhaskaran, CEO, IIBF, Mumbai

Valediction & Summing up  

N.B: Confirmation of Speakers Awaited *