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Finance Quotient

Target Group :
  • Employees, Students, Executives, Customers, Policy makers, General Audience, Senior Decision makers, etc.

Broad Vision:
  • To spread awareness about Banking & Finance knowledge for better decision making at all levels.

Genesis of FQ:
  • Today is the era of IQ, EQ, KQ and SQ. There is a felt need to have "Finance Quotient (FQ)" also as this subject encompasses many areas which touch the day-to-day life of people in a society. Hence, many may be keen to know their level of knowledge/competency in the field of banking, which in our case includes finance also.

  • "Finance Quotient" is the first step in that direction. We believe that the analysis provided by the FQ will be used for comparative self-analysis, self-development and will create a culture of self-awareness from customers to Officers to Senior Level decision makers.

Various levels :
  • Finance Quotient planned enables one to test his/her own level of understanding about the Banking and Finance subjects.

  • There will be different levels of Quotients developed, from time to time.

FQ Open for All
  • To start with, 'FQ' level No.1 & 2 (Banking/Finance) is offered for the benefit of all.

  • It may be noted that the 'FQ' is only to test your kno wledge/competency and not to be treated as a Certification.

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