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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - A Tool for Career Management

Dear Members,

Continuing Professional Development [CPD] demonstrates continuous learning allowing you to take control of your career and provides valuable evidence of commitment to learning and self-development. By taking control of your own development, you can respond to your employers' and customers' expectations while shaping your career in an increasingly competitive industry.


Banking in India, as the world over, is undergoing rapid transformation. The business of banking is not only expanding its frontiers, but also increasingly becoming sophisticated. Business processes are getting highly computerised with customer preferences and convenience dominating the drive besides the competitive forces. Further digitisation of banking services will be the way forward. The decision-making skills with the perceptive approach of Risk Management in all the business decisions is adding a new dimension to  managerial competence. In this scenario, the only way the functionaries of banks can keep pace with the change and make contribution to the growth of sound banking business is to be professionally knowledgeable.

Importance of CPD

Employers expect their workforce to be competent, flexible and increasingly productive, with a high quality of work produced. The customers expect high standards of service from the employees. In this context, it will be appropriate to expect that the employees take control of their own development so that they are able to respond to their employer's and customers' expectations while shaping their own career in an increasingly competitive industry. CPD helps to gain the skills that are needed in the days ahead.

The Institute's Initiative

Recognising this need of the bankers, the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, like many other initiatives in the competence building exercise of bankers, has a certification process in the area of Continuing Professional Development.

CPD Certification

The system of certification recognises the efforts of bankers who are endeavouring to build their professional development. The Continuing Professional Development Certificate is aimed at enhancing the professional competence through a formal, structural and verifiable program. The Institute provides opportunities to help manage the career of bankers in a variety of ways.

The CPD program is designed to impart benefits to its members. It provides a framework for professional and personal development of members. It is designed to suit the members' individual situation and allows one to structure one's developmental activities according to their current and future career needs.

The Institute has been offering a range of continuing professional development programs for the benefit of the members.

  • Publication of: Books on Banking / Quarterly Journal- Bank Quest / Monthly News Bulletin- IIBF Vision
  • Holding of Sir Purshotamdas Thakurdas Memorial Lecture and Shri R.K. Talwar Memorial Lecture annually by eminent personalities.
  • Holding of: National Level Seminars / Webinars / Seminars & International Banking Conferences on contemporary topics.
  • Conducting of Advanced Management Programme (AMP)
  • Facility for research under Micro, Macro, Diamond Jubilee and CH Bhabha Research Fellowship (DJCHBRF) scheme, and Banking Technology.
  • Information Portal on our website:

Scheme Details

What counts as CPD activity?

The categories of CPD activities furnished below give an indication of the broad range of learning opportunities which a member can count as CPD.

  • Courses offered by IIBF
  • Training
  • Publication of articles
  • Research Activities
  • Seminars and Workshops

What are the benefits to the employees?
  • Maintain and develop skills and knowledge
  • Enhance competence
  • Better career prospects
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Improve performance
  • Contribute to your bank’s success
  • Maintain customer confidence

What are the benefits to the Banks?
  • Improved productivity
  • Maintain customer confidence
  • Better organisational efficiency

Revised CPD Scheme Details

CPD is the systematic up gradation of knowledge and skills and the development of personal qualities necessary to the execution of professional managerial and technical duties throughout a member's working career.

The existing scheme of CPD has been revisited and some improvements/modifications have been made.

The revised scheme will come into effect from 15th September 2020. Any registration for CPD received from a candidate on or after 15th September 2020 will be based on the revised CPD programme.

Who is eligible to Register?

The CPD program is open to current members of the Institute, regardless of previous qualifications.

What is the Methodology?

The members have to secure a total of 15 credits, during the period of 24 months after registration, from the approved programs /activities sponsored by the IIBF.

At the completion of 24-month period, the member has to forward the CPD-Score Card (as available on our website) supported by evidences within fifteen days, to the Institute (email id: for its consideration / assessment and the successful members are awarded a certificate on CPD.

In case a candidate has acquired 15 credits before the completion of the two-year period but after a minimum period of one year, he/she may forward the CPD-Score Card (as available on our website) supported by evidences, to the Institute for its consideration / assessment and the successful members will be awarded a certificate on CPD. Such candidates, if they so desire, can again register for the CPD programme. Members are encouraged to take the course year after year which will indicate their competence in up gradation efforts.

What are the activities considered for CPD Certification?

The range of activities considered for CPD certification (revised), are as under:



Associate Exams

5 credits (each)

Diploma Examinations

5 credits (each)

Blended Courses

5 credits (each)

Certificate Examinations

3 credits (each)

Self-Paced E Learning

3 credits (each)

Advanced Management Programme

5 credits

Memorial Lectures/Seminars / Webinars conducted by IIBF

(2 seminars x 2 credits each)*

4 credits (max)

Seminars on Banking & Finance conducted by other well-known institutions

 (2 seminars x 1 credit each)*

2 credits (max)

Publication of article in Institute’s journal - Bank Quest. (2 articles x 2 credits each)

4 credits (max)

Publication of articles on Banking & Finance (in other well-known publications)

(2 articles x 1 credits each)

2 credits (max)

Winner of Macro Research or Banking Technology or Diamond Jubilee sponsored / funded by IIBF (only one award under any of the above 3 categories will be considered).

5 credits (max)

Winner of Micro Research

(If the Micro Research article is published in Bank Quest; extra credits will not be given for publication in Bank Quest.)

 (1 micro research article x 3 credits)

3 credits (max)

Accepted Research papers on Banking & Finance (Universities/Institutes of repute)

4 credits

Past Learnings


Qualifications acquired from IIBF in the last 9 months, commencing from the date of declaration of result up to date of registration under CPD programme.

Associate/Diploma/Blended courses

3 credits (each)

Certificate/Self-Paced E-learning courses

1 credit (each)

(*One-page write-up on the learning points emerging from the Memorial Lectures/ seminars/ webinars to be enclosed for verification)

The Institute may at its discretion include any other activity as being eligible for CPD credits and information of the same will be provided at the time of introduction of the activity in the Institute’s website.

Activities that will not be considered for certificate
  • Bank’s in-house training activities/in-house seminars/webinars/workshops.
  • Degree/Diplomas of Universities.
  • Seminars/workshops/webinars/research/publications not relating to Banking & Finance.

How much will CPD cost?

Continuing Professional Development is a service to members and the cost of registration is Rs.1,180/- [Rs.1,000/- + Rs.180/- GST @ 18%


Central Office

North Zone

South Zone

East Zone

GST Nos.





For such of those candidates whose CPD term has ended / is ending during the period from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020, but who have not been able to obtain 15 credits, as exams were cancelled by the Institute due to the COVID pandemic, an extension of time up to December 2021 will be given by the Institute.

Old Scheme
List of CPD Certification successful candidates
CPD SCORE CARD - Old Scheme (mail to / )