Members / Candidates grievance resolution system

Institutional Members

Election of Institutional Members is governed by the provisions of the Article 8A or the Articles of Association, reproduced below.

Eligibility Criteria

Institutional Members consist of banking establishments both in the nationalized as well as private sector including the Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India, other financial institutions, both Central and State, Co-operative Banks and any other institutions as may be approved by the Council.

Membership Fees

Fee/Subscription will be payable Annually at the rates determined by the Council from time to time.

Application Form

The applicant may Download (Click here for downloading the form) Institutional Membership Application Form or write to the Corporate Office.

Where to send

The applicant may forward the application in the prescribed form, duly filled/completed in all respects, together with the Demand Draft of requisite fee, to the Corporate Office, Mumbai..

For address of Corporate Office kindly refer application Form or refer CONTACT US at

Deputy Director
Indian Institute of Banking & Finance
191-F, Maker Towers,19th Floor,
Cuffe Parade,
MUMBAI - 400 005